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The Darkness

Darkness Falls on Comic-Con 2006

You'll never guess what game this story is about.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: July 19, 2006
'Round these here parts, we like us a good comic. No, wait, scratch that. 'Round these parts, we be whores for really cool art. If the storyline happens to be as good, well, that's just icing on the cake. Take The Darkness for instance. It's based on a comic. A purdy comic, and one we rather enjoyed back in the day. We even enjoyed it when it was rebooted with one Mr. Paul Jenkins helming the storyline.

And really, what angsty late-teens kid wouldn't like the idea of a guy turning 21 and suddenly gaining the ability to form nearly anything he wanted out of pure darkness? Yeah, sure, there's that whole thing about it corrupting your immortal soul and constantly pulling you toward evil, but if you're a mob hitman like Jackie Estacado, then you're already a couple steps over the immorality line to begin with. Of course, Jackie is a good guy at heart, and even though he has an army of superbusty angels trying to kill him because of this coming-of-age curse he's stricken with (trust us, turning 21 and puking up inky black stuff isn't a fun way to celebrate becoming a man), he's still trying to do the right thing. Most of the time.

We're probably getting ahead of ourselves here, since none of this angels with big boobies business has been talked about yet, and Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay developer Starbreeze Studios has admitted The Darkness mythos might be tweaked a little to fit in better with a game, but both they and tag-along scribe Paul Jenkins (yes, the very same Paul Jenkins references earlier), are confident they've got something special.

We think so too, after seeing it at E3, but plenty of progress can be made in just two and a half months, and Starbreeze, TopCow Comics and publisher 2K Games are keen on letting the rest of the world see it -- if the rest of the world happens to be at the San Diego Comic-Con starting tomorrow. Luckily, the demonstrations of the game will take place every half hour at Platinum's Booth cozied up to the TopCow booth (number 2329 if you need to be all anal about it), and for all three days of the show.

We'll be on hand to check things out starting tomorrow, but until then, you could always take a peek at our fancy game page for The Darkness to whet your appetite, right? Right!