The Darkness

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Majesco unveils another game in development, comic adaptation The Darkness.

We've finally gotten off our asses to update the PS3 section. Feast on the dozens of high-res screens, my children!

Financial troubles have forced the company to sell its rights of The Darkness and Ghost Rider to an unnamed publisher.

Yep, we're punching ourselves in the face right now for that one, don't worry.

Oh, hey, the rumors were true.

No, seriously, this is a ton of games.

Those press kits don't upload themselves, you know! We present to you a smorgasbord of screens n' movies from all the big publishers and their respective showcases.

You'll never guess what game this story is about.

Finally! Three new screens of Starbreeze's upcoming comic-turned-videogame show off just how close the game is to the style of the comics.

Now THIS is what we like to see. A little more action from our boy Jackie Estacado doing his thing as only a supernatural hitman can.

With "more than 100 first- and third-party PS3, PSP and PlayStation 2 titles" launching in the next few months, it's apparently a good time to own a Sony platform.

The newest title from Starbreeze Studios sees the light of day.

Short and sweet, here are the deets on updates this week.