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The BIGS 2

The BIGS 2 Slides Into Homes

Should we be suspicious of these “Power-ups?”
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: July 7, 2009
OK, let me be honest. I sort of stopped caring about baseball after the strike in the mid-90’s, and totally stopped caring during the drug-filled decade that followed. True, drugs have ALWAYS been around in baseball, but I didn’t mind so much when the base paths were made of cocaine, and everyone was on some form of meth to keep them ‘up’ during the games. But for some reason when they started getting bigger to hit those home runs I loved so much, I just couldn’t take it. Doesn’t make sense. But hey, you know what else doesn’t make sense to me? Boss Battles and Power-Ups in a (non-Mario) baseball video game! That’s just one of the selling points in 2K Sports newest offering, The BIGS 2, in stores now.

Fan of arcadey sports titles will be “juiced” to hear about some of the latest additions in the second offering of the series. Continuing on last year’s Rookie Challenge mode, The BIGS 2 offers Become A Legend mode, where you have suffered a career-threatening injury and you need to go back to the Mexican league and work your way back up, avoiding STD’s from Tijuana “ladies of the night” and tainted supplements. (OK, I made the part about ladies and supplements up) New this season, by popular demand, is Season mode that is just what you think it is… put your player and team through a full schedule, with stat-tracking and awards and other goodies.

If you were a fan of Home Run Pinball in The BIGS, great news for you! It’s back, and now it not just Times Square where you can smash your baseball through windows and neon signs. Now it also includes Las Vegas, Shibuya (Japan) and retro Times Square (you hit porn sign and peep-show windows?). The BIGS 2 also offers more strategic decision and excitement with Batter’s Wheelhouse, Legendary Catches, and Big Slams in regular play, and a whole slew of skills mini-games. So if you hate boring old baseball, but are intrigued by super-fresh action-packed realism-lacking baseball, head down to your nearest store to grab a copy of The BIGS 2, out now for PS2,PS3 and PSP!