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Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

Strong Bad's Cool Game For PS3 Owners

Another episodic adventure series comes to PS3. Can you stop bitching about multiplayer map packs now?
Author: Ryan Green
Published: December 9, 2010
Even though the web franchise has not had many updates over the past year [Read: dead], do not count out the people at Telltale Games when it comes to Homestar Runner. Fresh from his latest outing in Poker Night at the Inventory, Strong Bad is finally coming to a platform people really care about: PlayStation 3... and Mac.

After the success of other point-n-clicky titles like Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse and Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mystery Of Little Riddle, it looks like another adventure games is exactly what the PS3 needs. That, and a non-security update. Come-on!

Set to hit the North American PSN Store on December 21st, SBCG4AP will herald in the holiday season with its irreverent sense of humor and probably too many in-jokes for U.S. audiences to care about. The game will feature plenty of time-wasting minigames and the full voice cast from the Homestar series.

There was no mention of price, but keen observers will note that the collection runs $30 on PC and $10 each on Wii.

Telltale finally let the price drop. $15 for the entire season. Sweet deal, Batman!