Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Fantastic Four

Did Beenox succeed in making the best Spider-Man game ever?
Author: Parjanya C. Holtz
Published: October 19, 2010
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However, the four heroes' willingness to share what goes on inside their little heads can get quite annoying, especially when you're fighting a boss, and you get to listen to the same two snarky remarks over and over again.

Many of the game's issues can be blamed on a basic set of bugs, that seem like they could have been polished away with just a little more time and effort put into the development process. I've had cameras get stuck in floors, infinitely surfed on solid objects, had enemies decide it was time to drop through the floor and other annoying, but never game breaking curiosities happen to me.

Imagine the aforementioned lackluster camera coupled with some of these bugs, and what you get are some frustratingly unfair portions where a little more balancing and fine tuning would have done wonders. Especially towards the end, but also quite early on, there were moments when I was two or three imploding braincells away from engraving my Dual Shock 3 into my room's ceiling.

But like I said, the presentation is where Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions truly excels, and it saves the game from drowning in a giant sea of mediocrity. Even without paying too much attention, players will stumble upon one comic book reference after another as Beenox made sure that the game never takes itself too seriously.

The Avengers are omnipresent, and one almost gets the feeling that there's more behind that than fan service. Will we see Iron Man and Spider-Man unite in a game anytime soon? When considering that they've managed to successfully put four Spider-Men into one game, I don't really see what would stop Activision and Marvel from taking on such a seemingly risky endeavor.

If you're still not sure if Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is for you, then let me make this as simple as possible: for fans of the skinny superhero with the big mouth there is absolutely no way around it. It's by far the best Spider-Man game to hit consoles since Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. Everyone else will need to ponder whether it's worth a buy or they'd do themselves a favor by renting it instead. While mostly good, the title's excellent presentation does occasionally qualify it as great, however technical issues and mostly forgettable and unspectacular gameplay keep the title from teleporting to similar height's such as last year's mind-bogglingly brilliant Arkham Asylum.
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The Verdict

Beenox deserves a lot of praise for making great use of a license turning this into the best Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2, however a few nagging technical issues keep it from getting beyond the status of "just" a great Spider-Man game.


While not spectacular looking, the game impresses with each dimension's own unique art and graphics style. Very well done.


Some of the sound effects can become annoying after a while, and the score could have occasionally done itself a favor by dialing back a notch or two, but the voice acting is fantastic and deserves a special pat on the back.


While not "bad," and definitely far from broken, the controls occasionally got in the way of winning a fight. Locking on enemies became an issue when fighting bigger groups of foes. The camera contributed its part to the mess.


The four different dimensions all have their own unique gameplay twists. None of them are perfect, however they add up to a fun little game that lives of its charm and variety.