SOCOM 4 Co-op Campaign Cavalcade

We get some inside info on this creative campaign creation.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: March 29, 2011
Our own Sam Bishop recently took a long, hard look at SOCOM 4. Many of you have probably found your way into the Beta by now so you have a good hands-on experience with the multiplayer. One thing that we haven't covered too much yet is one of the most interesting and potentially innovative facets of SOCOM 4. The Co-op Campaign.

While you (sadly) cannot play through the single player campaign with a friend or four, the good folks at Zipper did take some extra steps to make sure you can have a fulfilling experience online if you don't like competitive action. During a recent conference call Zipper let SOCOM 4 Lead Designer Travis Steiner gave us the lowdown on the virtually infinite possibilities the mode has to offer.

When the host sets up a new campaign game, they start by choosing one of the two modes available (Takedown and Espionage), then selecting one of the six maps. Finally, you set the density of enemies, the idea being the more players you plan on having (and the campaign supports 2-5 at once) you push the amount up. Alternately, you and your Rambo buddy can set the density at the highest level at prove you are bad enough dudes. While that might not sound that in-depth, wait for the next part. See, after you set all that up, you can then keep adding more missions, mixing gametypes and maps and enemies, and the game will string them all together into one unique campaign .

Another highly touted feature that will keep the Co-op fresh is the highly touted Dynamic AI that is at the core of SOCOM 4. Enemies won't always spawn in the same location when you replay the maps, and they certainly will not behave the same way each time. If you replay the same map and mission a dozen times, you'll very likely get a dozen different experiences and you won't be able to gain a tactical advantage through repetition. Stealth will play a more prominent role than even past SOCOM titles. Entire missions might be based around stealth, and you and your partners might spend most of the mission working your way through shadows and foliage to get the drop on unsuspecting enemies.

At the end of each of the individual missions, expect to see a bit of over the top action. The surviving OpFor will radio in for reinforcements, and you'll face hordes of harrowing harm-doers in a last stand that might remind you of the end of every round of Left4Dead. With the wealth of options and random events, it should take a long time to get tired of SOCOM 4's Co-op mode.

Our review copy of SOCOM just arrived, so keep it right here at TPS to get the final word on how this copious amount of content translates into fun in the near future.