[GDC 2011] Bravo, Attack to Crosshairs

Hooboy is there a lot to SOCOM 4, and we've got it all right here.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: March 12, 2011
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Again, like Last Defense, there's a bit of an asymmetrical play style to the game as things go on. Obviously if you're part of the team that's planted the bombs, you can camp out and wait for enemies to storm in. If you're the ones seeking out the bomb sites, you can skulk around and try to silently take out defenders, and of course if you're the bomb tech, you're almost a walking tank and any one-on-one matches are almost invariably going to swing in your favor -- though of course you're a huge target for enemies and the only chance to defuse the bombs so your life is most important. And most likely to be snuffed out first if the enemy has anything to say about it.

Across all modes, Zipper has taken something of an Insomniac-style approach to things. Using a weapon more often allows you to level it up to unlock mods; things like better sights and scopes or ways to boost ammo, reduce recoil and more. They won't radically change the abilities of guns, but they're an incentive to stick with what you like, and an encouragement to dabble in other weaponry -- especially because you can roll with two primary weapons if you so choose.

By far the best announcement at GDC, however, was the fact that you won't just have to take our word for it on just how much fun SOCOM 4 is shaping up to be. The game will go into open beta before its street date of April 14th. A private beta is shoring things up right now, but PlayStation Plus members can jump in starting on March 22nd, then those that grabbed Killzone 3 and got the beta voucher can start their round of pew-pew on March 29th, and then on March 4th, the whole shebang is open to everyone that owns a PS3 and has a connection to the PlayStation Store. What's even crazier is that this isn't some one-map, one-mode offering; all four modes will be fully playable on two different maps during the beta, so you really will get a chance to see if we were just full of hot air.

We aren't, of course. We take this opportunity to tell you guys (and gals; hello, ladies) about upcoming games seriously, but we also want to ease fears that certain games might be changing too much. The inclusion of Classic Mode to SOCOM 4 should all but allay those fears to begin with, but trust us when we say SOCOM 4 is shaping up to be something truly special. It's taking some of the best parts of the old games and giving them a fresh coat of paint; you'll still recognize the familiar stuff underneath, but it's going to look and play (okay, the analogy just fell apart, didn't it) like something entirely new.

To help hold you over until the beta hits over the next few weeks, we've corralled a bunch of new screens and movies that'll hopefully make the wait a little more tolerable. See you online!
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