Killer Queen

SingStar Queen had us belting out songs so loudly we probably made some fellow bowlers deaf. Awesome.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: April 29, 2009
Judging by the lack of other players willing to embarrass themselves publically -- even with an open bar sitting mere feet away -- most game editors aren't too keen on Sony's SingStar series (at least not while others are watching). We, however, are suckers and then some for the series, which should be obvious given the scores we've given the series in the past.

With the move to the PS3, though, we've been a little disappointed by the use of the SingStore that premiered with the next-gen debut of the series, not so much because it isn't loaded with stuff to download (though most of it is, sadly, blatantly stolen from the European SingStore), but because releases like SingStar ABBA weren't also released as a download pack. If the game's are being pressed onto Blu-rays without mics, we're just stumped as to why they wouldn't be sold as a pack a la Rock Band or Guitar Hero -- especially because the new disc-based expansions do nothing features-wise.

We're no closer to finding out if Sony will finally use the SingStore like they should, but we can say, after a few songs and plenty of embarrassment, that there's at least one new feature: the ability to pick a song using only your voice. After a short little six step training tutorial should you opt to turn the feature on, you can simply speak the song name, the band name or the genre and the little carousel interface whips around to the appropriate selection. Even with the thundering crash of pins being blasted around behind us, the mics and interface worked incredibly well.

The music, of course, was awesome because it's Queen and Queen has some of the best scream-it-at-the-top-of-your-lungs songs on the planet -- including "Can't Stop Me Now" which was not included in SingStar Vol. 2 despite being used as the intro song. Our turn at singing as Bowie in "Under Pressure" only confirmed that we'll be screaming along to this one when it finally hits, and we'll be earning Trophies while we do it! Woo hoo!