Section 8 Prejudice

Extreme Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice looks to take the downloadable FPS title from... themselves?
Author: TPS Staff
Published: September 28, 2011
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Section 8: Prejudice is a game so big, one reviewer couldn't contain it. So we called out the East Coast Dream Team of Ryan Green and Aram Lecis to break down the game after spending countless hours trying to grab just one victory online. Below is the transcript of their conversation:

Ryan Green - Managing Editor

What I find so remarkable about downloadable shooters is that they often have such a small scope. These games are essentially budget titles that can't afford to be on a retail shelf, so they don't need to be big. At least, that is the way these games are often portrayed or released as. As a result, I can't imagine these games actually sell well, regardless of their actual merits. But I feel like Section 8 might sit a bit differently than the rest.

Aram Lecis - Senior Editor

It's certainly got more going for it that a few of the others we have taken a look at over the last few years. Titles like Blacklight: Tango Down and Lead and Gold don't seem to have the same depth that Section 8: Prejudice brings to the table. First and foremost, none of the others have had a full-fledged Single Player campaign that wouldn't be totally out of place in a retail release. I think that was probably the biggest surprise that struck me when I sat down with the game. Even big title like Warhawk skimp when it comes to a campaign, often leaving with with a few tutorial missions with bots. Not so this time around.


Although a game like Warhawk didn't need a single player campaign, though. It had a name that people knew from the PSone era and it is still a game that people are playing, despite numerous multiplayer games out there. It truly has a loyal following. But Section 8 doesn't nearly have the same history, so it was very smart of them to flesh out the universe a bit more with more character. It might not seem like much, but it gets you involved in the world.


I totally agree. One thing I think YOU'D have to agree with is that they draw an awful lot of influence from the Halo series. Everything from the armor to the vehicles to the weapons make it seem like Section 8 was made but a bunch of guys who slept in the garage behind Bungee's offices. That really isn't a knock though. It isn't like Halo is coming to your PS3 anytime soon, and there are certainly far worse things to crib your style from.


I've made a lot of "Halo" comments about this game in speaking with you, but you'd have to agree that it also has some Battlefield Bad Company qualities in it, too. What they do well is incorporate some very standard game mechanics into their own universe. And with that, they are already doing something special.

Supply drops let you pick a new loadout AND heal you with a green tethered beam? Sold.

I don't know how well you've followed the story, but that Halo: Combat Evolved vibe would not go away. We're on a strange, harsh planet with a bunch of A.I. that shoot better than stormtroopers but can't manage to navigate the environment well. That, to me, is Halo. And they do that well. Your physics are a bit floaty, your sprint ability is insane, and you can assassinate people simply by holding down the melee button and being in close enough proximity. In a sense, it does well with the arcade FPS mechanics that we're grown accustom to, but it is the fact that you blast yourself out of a ship only to slam into the ground at 200 miles per hour -only to get killed by a bullet to the chest- that sets the tone for this game.
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