Sanctum 2

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

A friend can provide a lot of relief in Sanctum 2.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 27, 2013
If there is one thing the last decade has taught us itís that Tower Defense games are here to stay. No matter what platform you own there is at least a half-dozen TD games available to you and more are probably on the way. Thankfully the widespread proliferation means that there has been plenty of opportunity for the genre to evolve. Does Sanctum 2 bring something new to the table?

Coffee Stain Games launches their game into a PSN field already crowded with longtime stalwarts Comet Crash, Savage Moon, PixelJunk Monsters and Plants vs. Zombies alongside newer stuff like Anomaly: Warzone Earth. All those games feature some unique trait that gives them some gravitas and makes them worth playing. Iím sure there at least as many TD games out there that I havenít even remembered so Sanctum 2 is really going to need some strong hook to rise above the chaff.

Well, the hook here is that in addition to placing towers you can also take part in the defense as an individual unit in an FPS-style. What that means is that during build mode you run around and place your defenses then activate the waves and blast away at the baddies alongside your towers. You can select one of four classes that fit into your traditional archetypes of soldier, sniper, heavy and scout.

Those classes will level up and unlock new abilities and tower slots. This is especially important if you are playing alone since early on youíll only be able to build one or two tower types until you unlock more slots. There are around a dozen or so towers you can eventually unlock that do your standard tower stuff like shoot bullets, lightning, artillery, slowdown stuff, etcÖ along with new guns for each class. It does add a little depth and give you more goals than just mowing down the bad guys.

While this sounds like it could be interesting, in practice itís not as fun as youíd hope. The first issue arises from just how generic everything is. Youíll start most levels on a mostly empty grid then build a few defensive towers and place some walls to make a maze. The towers and walls are about as bland as they could be, and the same is true of the enemies that attack you. They are generic ďaliensĒ who just trundle forward by the shortest available path. The ones with weapons fire them in predictable ways and fighting them is not really a challenge as much as a chore. The shooter controls feel sloppy and stripped right out of a late 90ís FPS.

Itís not a good sign when your hook turns out to feel like a worthless addition that drags the game down. Itís hard to see why youíd choose to play an FPS of this quality when virtually any other one you chose would be more enjoyable. It might be one thing if it was offset by an extraordinary TD game, but if anything thatís even more generic than the FPS side. Two mediocre parts combined make for a less than mediocre game in this case.

The one saving grace of Sanctum 2 is that it supports co-op play. In fact, one could make the case that it REQUIRES co-op play. Yes, you can go at it alone, but until youíve played for a long time thatís going to leave you very limited in term of tower versatility and weapon selection. The game also quickly throws heavy enemies at you that are tough to handle alone (although difficulty is something of a hallmark of the genre to be sure). Once you add a friend into the mix you can build much better support defenses and coordinate to take down the tougher enemies. Itís also just mindless enough that youíll have plenty of time to BS with your pal which is always one of my favorite pastimes.

I hate to dump on games but itís very hard to find reasons to play Sanctum 2. As a tower defense game It doesnít have anything to separate itself from a slew of competitors and Iím hard-pressed to name something Iíve seen here that I havenít seen elsewhere. Itís strongest selling point, the FPS component, isnít executed well at all and feels like a gimmick that doesnít help you in game nor does it make the game any more enthralling to play.

If youíve got a serious tower defense addiction or maybe if you are drunk and need something new to blaze through with a buddy youíd be well served by purchasing this game. The rest of us should just boot up Comet Crash again.
The Verdict

The one big hook in Sanctum 2 ends up being a let down as the FPS game is so poorly executed. What's left is a far too generic tower defense game that is impossible to recommend in the face of better options out there.


Sanctum 2 looks... old. More than anything it looks like a jumped-up iOS game (it isn't). Dull textures, simplistic models and a colorful but limited color scheme certainly don't help.


Frankly I am giving this score based on the fact that I don't remember anything being egregiously wrong with the sound. I also don't remember much of anything about it. The sounds were a bit sparse.


Sure, they were functional, but they also were pretty simple. Select a tower, point at the ground... BOOM. The FPS controls felt floaty but they did what they needed. Pretty basic stuff here.


It's a nightmare to play alone where you don't even have any variety and the gameplay gets repetitive fast. A small bonus for the co-op which doesn't necessarily play any better but at least it gives you someone to talk to.