Rock Band 2

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Mostly Schlock

Who's excited for Band Hero???

"Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" full album coming in two days.

Phew! We've got a LOT of catching up to do!

Prepare the spandex and hairspray.

Money. I Wanna be Rich. Money for Nothing. Funky Dollar Bill. Mo' Money Mo' Problems. Take the Money and Run.

Rock Band's songlist is bolstered by the finest musical creation known to man.

Please kill me.

Start growing out those dreadlocks now.

Double bass hits the Rock Band franchise.

Don't crush the orange fret in glee.

Jane Says Nothing's Shocking

American Idiot Nimrod's blow Dookies

I will not rest until we get Elvis!

Music for old people

Stop Making Cents! (One Dollar and Ninety-Nine Cents)

Its time to pedal to the metal

My god... it's full of guitars!

So that pretending you're a rock star is just that little bit easier!

We're Heartbroken!

But i haven't perfected Dr. Feelgood yet!

Jerry lives! On. He lives on. In a new Grateful Dead pack! Hooray! Some Aerosmith too! They're not dead yet! Double-Hooray!

Feather Pluckin' or Ted Price? Tough choice, why not both?!

The Vines are Avenged Sevenfold by Sweet Billy Pilgrim.

Barbara Annemarie Wellhonen Jakobs-Orbison is excited!

Select titles will be half price for a limited time in celebration of Rock Band 3's October release.

Like Guns N' Roses? Good, now you have a full album of 'em to grab.

Annie are you ok? Very ape.

Rock Band goes over the 2,000 song mark with even more Jimi Hendrix!

Prices range from $1.99 to $229.99

KISS it, baby!

guitar hero Guitar Hero GUITAR HERO and STILL NO ELVIS

Critics hail bolstering of Guitar Hero library whilst Freeze Pop and the Beatles hit Best Buy and the bar.

Break those Chains that bind you!

I Write News Posts Not Tragedies. Oh my god, I can't believe I wrote that, I deserve only death.

Energizer? I ardly knew er!

Do you have that in XXXXL?

Green Day really helps get the (gar)FUNK(el) out! More Beatles!

Emerging Artist Lineup Includes All Genres of Rock Including Underoath, Hollywood Undead, Opiate for the Masses, Lesley Roy, Between the Buried and Me and more!

Pan-ter-a! Pan-ter-a! Pan-ter-a!

Holy Harajuku Batman!

Snoop Dogg on da PlayStizzle!

Rock Band!

Harmonix releases several more debuts in anticipation of Rock Band 3's upcoming release.

Hmmm... Hautewerk and Motrhead, eh?

Two track packs with zero crossover appeal

Yep, you guessed it. Still no Elvis! But instead you can make your OWN Elvis songs! Sorta. Also, more Guitar Hero 5 info!

Parents just don't understand about your Sex Farm

Hey, it pays the bills, ok?

Rock Band 2 returns, bigger, badder, and, yes, more fun than the original.