Resident Evil 6

Resident Boll Weevil

Capcom stomps on the last vestiges of what made Resident Evil great.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: November 16, 2012
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There is a bit of a schism when it comes to “new” Resident Evil vs. the old style. There are those among us (like myself) who feel that the original game through Code Veronica are the true Resident Evil games, featuring tense (if archaic) gameplay and a somewhat goofy puzzle solving aspect. Others feel like the series got way better once they dropped the survival horror pretense and focused on tighter gameplay and transformed into a third-person shooter. I’m of the opinion that both those camps are probably going to be pretty disappointed with the mess that is Resident Evil 6.

First and foremost, this is an incredibly long game. The four campaigns in the game clock in at almost 10 hours apiece meaning you’ll be investing as much time in this game as you would in your average RPG. Three of those campaigns feature a familiar Resident Evil protagonist like Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield or Ada Wong. The fourth introduces Jake Muller (nee Wesker) into the mix since with the patriarchal Wesker dead they needed a new member of that family. Each of those protagonists is joined by a co-op partner. Series fans will recognize Sherry Birkin, but most of the other partners aren’t people I remember from Resident Evil canon. While the gameplay is largely the same between campaigns you’ll find that only Leon and Ada are the ones who really battle zombies, while the rest of the time is spent battling what boil down to soldiers with some occasional crazy mutant monsters tossed in.

I won’t even bother going into the insanely convoluted story, other than to say in the alphabet hodge-podge of virii they chose to go with the C-Virus this time around, and there is some nonsense about a new corporation, “neo-Umbrella”, that arose after the fall of the last Umbrella or whatever. Tehre is a whole lot of terrible exposition in this game and you have to be a pretty die-hard connoisseur to give a shit about any of it. This may sound crazy, but I long for the days of Barry talking about a Jill sandwich because that was way more compelling than any of this drivel.

Who cares about story though, right? It’s all about the gameplay! Bad news… the game is even more generic and convoluted at this point. I’m sure some folks will be thrilled to hear that you can finally move and shoot at the same time, and that they have kind of refined the cover system to make it work a bit better. The end result is that they pushed the game forward into a very typical third-person cover-based shooter that does absolutely nothing new and is just clunky enough to feel like it pales in comparison to its contemporaries. Aiming doesn’t feel solid and the weapons themselves aren’t very original or exciting. I might be able to put up with it in a six hour game, but one that is six times longer reallllllllly drags. The mediocre shooting is occasionally broken up with a boring quicktime event (these pop up so often you’ll be sick of them quick too) but otherwise there isn’t anything to break up the monotony of shooting.
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