Red Dead Redemption

DLC: Undead Nightmare

You eat babies, everyone knows that!
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: November 2, 2010
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Zombies. Zombies never change.

But undead bears, cougars, goats, and boars? Now thatís a new one.

Zombies are everywhere nowadays. The trend is wearing thin, as thereís a multitude of games featuring the undead (Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead are two such series). If itís not full titles, itís downloadable modes or add ons (Treyarchís iterations of the Call of Duty franchise are such), for others itís a road they have chosen to go down (Yakuza: Of the End for example).

Itís not necessarily a bad thing, though. Sure, zombies are zombies no matter how you slice, dice, shoot, or maim them. However, to stand out from the pack you have to do something different. There has to be a bold, new way one shines light upon the walking monstrosities, otherwise youíre just white noise.

Enter Undead Nightmare, the newest downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption.

Unlike the other DLC packs, this version comes with a brand new single player campaign. That is easily the meat of the $10 purchase, providing even more of an already fantastic campaign. Rockstar did a fantastic job in telling the story, injecting their own unique humor and flair. Where this falls short, however, is in the execution.

Red Dead Redemption is a fun game. Undead Nightmare is a fantastic expansion. But, having played so much RDR that I got the platinum trophy, the standard affair of ďgo here, collect thisĒ and ďgo here, kill a few waves of dudesĒ got stale. Unfortunately, thatís what Undead Nightmare does.

There are coffins to burn, herbs to collect, zombie waves to kill, towns to save (repeatedly). It just loses its luster quickly to have to do these things again after having done so much of it in the vanilla version of the game. Iím not sure if there was much else Rockstar could have done, I shouldnít necessarily expect a brand new game, but some variety would have done wonders. And just re-skinning the outlaws into zombies doesnít cut it.

Now thatís not to say that this pack is bad. You get a brand new gun and various other weapons (Blunderbuss, Holy Water, Torch, and Boom Bait), new mounts (from unicorns to Famineís horse of the apocalypse), and some new challenges. Thereís truly a lot in the package, and for $10 itís a steal if you want some more time with John Marston.

The challenges boil down to more of the same. Kill zombie bears and cougars with a torch? Thatís basically the knife challenges all over again. Others are just counting missions (kill 100 fresh undead or 25 bruisers, for example) that you get on your way to completing the single player. The treasure hunting is pretty much the exact same thing. Even when breaking the horses of the apocalypse I thought there would be some new challenge or quirk, but all I have to do is lasso War, who is engulfed in flames, and keep my balance as he tries to buck me off.
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