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'I told them it was unsafe... and highly unstable... They wouldn't listen...'

A look at Singularity's alternate reality.
First-Person Shooter ps3 Apr 1, 2009

For Those About to Rock...

We present some hands-on impressions of our hours-long time spent with Guitar Hero: Metallica (here's a hint: it's better than you think).
Music ps3 Mar 13, 2009

Crash Course

Hands-on with Pelfast's funky little tower defense effort, Comet Crash.
Real-Time Strategy ps3 Mar 2, 2009

Mad Lewt

We go hands-on with an early build of Sacred 2 and try our hand at scooping up some goodies along the way.
Role-Playing ps3 Feb 20, 2009

Into Africa

Capcom kicks over a playable build of Resident Evil 5 and we tear into it. What's that? A progress report? Why sure, we can do that, c'mon in!
Survival Horror ps3 Feb 16, 2009

It's Good to be A God

God of War III is coming, and we got to see it. Got to see how it plays, got to see what's new and, yes, we finally got to see what it looks like. Want to know what we know? Step inside, let's chat, shall we?
Action/Adventure ps3 Feb 13, 2009
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