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inFamous: Game of the Year 2009?

A bold statement you think? We don't think so. Find out why inside...
Action/Adventure ps3 Apr 15, 2009

We Saw Saw

Konami announced Saw and immediately let us spend some time with a veeeery early build of an even bloodier game. Find out inside if we survived it.
Horror ps3 Apr 13, 2009

You Have to Shoot Them in the Head

It was our ticket to survival as we went hands-on with Zombie Apocalypse.
Action ps3 Apr 13, 2009

Evolving the Super(hero) Genre

Activision and Radical Entertainment invited us for some quality time with their impressive and highly anticipated project Prototype. Here’s what we’ve got.
Action/Adventure ps3 Apr 8, 2009

Braving the Loony Bin

We finally get a chance to go hands-on with Batman: Arkham Asylum and we couldn't be more pumped to tell you about it.
Action ps3 Apr 6, 2009

Salvation Lies Within

We take a brief peek at the upcoming interactive version of Terminator: Salvation.
Action ps3 Apr 6, 2009
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