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Gaze Upon A SXSW Panel About Tales From The Borderlands

You might learn something!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: March 10, 2014
Telltale Games love to tell a tale and they've been great at grabbing up iconic franchises across all forms of media lately. What was once a small studio churning out a few Sam and Max episodes every years has morphed into a studio bursting at the seams with no less than FOUR projects going on concurrently.

Among those projects is a weird fusion of Gearbox's Borderlands universe and the adventure game, knows at the moment as Tales From The Borderlands. Obviously the Borderlands universe is known for having a quirky and perhaps a bit shallow narrative, but there is no doubt that the world is ripe with possibilities for fleshing out a story or two. Who better than our old friends at Telltale?

As you can see from the video below, both sides gathered together for an impromptu (actually it was planned) panel at the recently completed SXSW festival to talk about the project, themselves, and what the REAL deal is with Madd Moxie (I made that part up). It's a great look at the inspiration for this project and the direction that Telltale is looking to take with the series.

It's always nice to see some video that isn't just a sales pitch for a game. There's nothing we love more here than getting an inside look at the process that goes into creating the games we love, and this panel provides a nice glimpse so we heartily suggest you check it out!