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Far Cry 2

Far Cry Compilation Hit Stores Today

Nothing to cry about.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: February 11, 2014
What could you do with $39.99? Frankly, not all that much these days. You could buy yourself a whole lot of video game fun (and some would say frustration) if you spent those forty bones on the Far Cry Compilation that hit stores and the PSN today.

You'll get three entirely separate experiences that show a few different design philosophies and how genres have changed over the course of a generation. Plus you get some wacky stories... check out the Ubi supplied descriptions.

Far Cry 2 Caught between two rival factions in war-torn Africa, you are stricken with malaria and forced to make deals with corrupt warlords on both sides of the conflict in order to hunt down your mark The Jackal. This version includes the full single-player campaign and Multiplayer. This is a full digital re-master of the original game with all previous patches included.

Far Cry 3 Beyond the reach of civilization lies a lawless island ruled by violence and human suffering. This is where you find yourself stranded, caught in a bloody conflict between psychotic warlords and indigenous rebels, where your only escape is through drugs or the muzzle of a gun. Includes the full single-player campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-op modes.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon The year is 2007. It is the future. You are Sergeant Rex Colt: Mark IV Cyber Commando. Earth has been ravaged by a nuclear war, which erupted in the 90s. Get the girl, kill the bad guys and save the world. Includes the full single-player campaign.

Yep, not only do you get all three games (well, Blood Dragon is more of an expansion pack) but they even did a bit of re-mastering on Far Cry 2. For those that haven't experienced the second entry in the series, you should know going in that you'll have to embrace some punishing design decisions to fully appreciate the game. It's a unique experience that definitely does whatever it can to put the player at a disadvantage.

The compilation is available now in your favorite store and digitally on the PSN so hurry up and grab it before you get malaria!