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Prepare To... See More Dark Souls II Media

Yes, we have a trailer. Yes, we have more screenshots. Yes, they show people dying.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: January 15, 2014
Dark Souls is one of our favorite games of the last generation as we're sure you are sick of hearing. We can't help it though. Even two years after release it's still sitting there at the top of our lists and there still isn't anything that can touch the atmosphere or level design.

Perhaps when March 11th rolls around and Dark Souls II hits the PS3 it will finally be able to wrest that crown away. From our (very) brief time in the beta it looks like the magic is still there. We may have only explored a small area that wasn't the most lush of environments but we could tell the same spirit and care was going into everything.

If you haven't seen for yourself how things are shaping up, pop on over to this Namco Bandai YouTube like and you'll know we aren't lying.

Not only is that new trailer out, but we've also gotten our hands on some new screenshots that we are only too happy to share with you. It might seem like TPS is a broken record, but if there is one series that deserves the attention of serious gamers it is the Souls franchise. From Software has created their own genre featuring the tightest melee combat found on consoles with and amazing universe filled with bleak settings, brooding characters and legendarily tough but fair combat that makes ever encounter an event.

When March 11th rolls around... prepare to die!