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MonkeyPaw Games Set To Release A Whole Passel Of Import Goodness

Hope you've been brushing up on your Japanese.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: January 13, 2014
Have you got $5.99 to spare and don't really care if you "get" the games? Then you might be interested in the ongoing MonkeyPaw series of games that feature PS1 import classics (almost entirely from Japan) of stuff that (usually) never made it out west. They've spent the last couple of years slowly populating the PSN but now they are set to make a bigger splash with an aggressive release schedule.

Starting this week with Double Dragon (no, not that one) the next six weeks feature a well rounded selection. Check it out!

? Jan. 14 - Double Dragon (Again, it isn't what you think it is!)

? Jan. 21 - Lucifer Ring (No idea what this is, but I like rings...)

? Jan. 28 - The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny (Whatever this is, I want it!)

? Feb. 4 - Hyper Crazy Climber (Like the really old arcade game only all hyper.)

? Feb 11 - Wolf Fang (Ummm, could be almost anything!)

? Feb 18 - Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return (Funny story about Tomba 2... the original is already on the PSN as a US release, but for some reason the sequel never made it... here. The US version is available on the Euro PSN, but somehow we are only getting the Japanese import version here... licensing!)

Most of these games are playable by those of us that don't speak the language, and MonkeyPaw is good at providing an English control scheme. Don't be surprised when some of it is a little opaque though. Obviously none of these are RPGs, but I can't imagine we won't be missing out on some snappy Pete and Danny dialogue!