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UBISoft Set To Release Far Cry Compilation

Someone forgot to tell the Trigens!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: January 8, 2014
If you've been paying attention to the games industry for the greater part of this generation than you've probably hear a lot about the Far Cry series over the last few years. While I'll always think of the first game as a PC showcase, later entries in the series have found a good bit of fame and notoriety on the consoles.

Those of you who follow Idle Thumbs certainly will have heard the reverence they have for Far Cry 2. A polarizing game that let you have a great deal of freedom at the expense of giving you direction, the game also suffered from a punishing difficulty at times and the always ugly specter of enemies respawning every time you returned to an area you meticulously cleared out an hour ago. Despite those issues the game has a cult following and features some nifty fire technology.

Last year Far Cry 3 caught a lot of people by surprise as expectation were low. Turns out giving people a story that at least starts out as compelling and turning them loose in an island filled to the brim with wild animals and wild humans turned out to be a whole passel of fun. Throw in an above-average series of co-op specific missions and you end up with last years sneaky hit game.

Not content to rest on that, Far Cry: Blood Dragon came out a little later and threw some satire in the mix with it super-cheesy 80's motif and snarky tutorial system. If you love neon and mechanic sharks, this was the game for you.

So beloved is this franchise that Ubi has announced the Far Cry Compilation featuring all three of those games will be hitting retail on February 11th of this year with the reasonable price tag of $40. While we are a little sad to see they didn't find a way to shove in the excellent original game, we can understand that given the fact it never saw a PS3 release. Even without that this is a loaded package that gives you three wildly varying games that offer a unique take on the first person package.

Those of you that haven't latched onto this series yet and still have those PS3's hooked up are advised to check this out!