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Two Terrific Tidings From Telltale To Tide Us Over

New episodic series in the Borderlands and Game of Thrones universes?
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: December 9, 2013
Telltale Games has really grown from the company that revived the Monkey Island and Sam and Max series over half a decade ago. Now almost universally lauded for their Walking Dead series they continue to branch out having taken on iconic movie and comic franchises with equal aplomb compared with their video game revivals.

Now they're set to convert yet another medium to game form AND tackle adventurizing a new genre of video game. They sure have a lot of ovens in the fire over at that studio so it's amazing to see these two new announcements at this time.

The first bit of news was about Tales from the Borderlands. Yes, that is indeed an adventure game based on the zany Gearbox series of FPS lootfests. They've always had some outsized personalities running around the wasteland so it's really not that big of a stretch to see Telltale tackle something like this. Heck, their art styles aren't even that far apart.

"Gearbox shares the independent spirit that Telltale was founded on, and like Telltale, they've broken the boundaries of what to expect within a gaming genre," said Dan Connors, co-founder and CEO of Telltale Games. "Our partnership is something that we are very excited about, because it will unite the incredibly rich world of Borderlands with Telltale's focus on story-telling driven by player choice, and characters that people truly care about."

Check out this trailer to see a few of your favorite characters on display:

But that isn't it! Telltale also announced they signed an agreement with HBO to produce a series of games based on the Game of Thrones book/show. Another rich universe with outsize personalities, we're intrigued to see how Telltale handles the political intrigue. They've shown an excellent balance between comedy and gravitas in their latest offerings so we aren't too worried about the mature subject matter.

"We're delighted to be working with Telltale Games, a proven leader in the creation of engaging interactive content," stated Josh Goodstadt, Director of Global Licensing. "Our fans are always looking for new, exciting ways to engage with the Game of Thrones brand and this game series will put them right in the middle of the action by letting them decide where the story will lead. This brings a whole new dimension to the world of Westeros."

You can check out (a fairly mundane) announcement video below if you so desire: