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Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 Speeds Onto The PlayStation 3

Doesn't that feel way ahead of schedule?
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: December 6, 2013
After the epic wait for Gran Turismo 5 it really feels like Gran Turismo 6 snuck up on us out of nowhere. Not just because it comes without a bevy of delays, but also because it got a bit lost in the PS4 hype train. But lo and behold! It is here!

I still remember fondly picking up my first ever DualShock controller specifically to play the original Gran Turismo and the feeling of my first experience with both analog sticks and rumble controls. The hours I spent careening around the track, customizing cars and unlocking new rides. Then came the PS2 and Gran Turismo 3 brought it all to a whole other level. The sheer amount of content was staggering at the time.

My best memory of Gran Turismo 5 is winning it in the Subway contest and getting an early copy. Alas, the game itself felt like a bit of a slog. I've heard that a steady supply of patches and content updates have brought the package into the modern era but I've long since moved on.

I'm actually back to being excited though, as GT6 promises to rectify a lot of the errors from last time, and hopefully helps to usher the PS3 era out in style. While there is still the premium/standard schism, early word says the interface has been redesigned, the mission modes are a smart addition and the graphics (on the premiums at least) are as stunning as ever.

"2013 has been a banner year for PlayStation 3 with Sony Worldwide Studios delivering some of the highest regarded games on any console," said Asad Qizilbash, senior director of first party games marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America. "We are excited to continue that legacy with the launch of the legendary Gran Turismo 6. Polyphony Digital Inc. continues to challenge the boundaries of the racing genre, firmly establishing Gran Turismo as an automotive brand in itself."

We're convinced! Check out the screenshots on our site and check back soon for a review!