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Some New Dark Souls II Screenshots Rise Up

Also we'd love to tell a whole lot about the beta! But...
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: December 5, 2013
Every day is a good day here at TPS, but days when we get new Dark Souls II screenshots are the best days of all. So I guess means that today is the greatest day because we just uploaded 44 new screenshots of Soulsy goodness.

If you take a gander you'll notice that they look a lot like our old friend Dark Souls. While it doesn't look like the wheel is getting reinvented here, this is one case where we'll be happy with just a few tweaks. The game looks to have that same amazing atmosphere and level design and that's what has us most excited.

As we alluded to above, we've been spending a little bit of time with the beta and we had hoped to give you some great impressions. We ran into a little bit of an issue though because when we say we've played a little, we REALLY mean a little. So far there have been three playtesting sessions. The first was two hours from 11pm-1am a couple months ago. We were there, and the game felt like we'd just stepped right back in where we left off. Since it had been a bit it took most of the two hours to get back into the groove and not die (a lot) to both other players and the environment. I couldn't wait for the next time.

Well, the next one was scheduled for 2am-5am one Sunday. I considered staying up (I guess they are on Japan time?) but I missed out and fell asleep. Which turned out to be a blessing because no one could connect! They rescheduled for the same times a couple weeks later and I didn't even try to wait up. I keep hoping for a new more amenable time, but so far nothing.

Anyway, I digress! Dark Souls II Screenshot Day! Check them out!