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PlayStation 3 Reaches 80 Million Units Sold Worldwide

And just one to this guy right here.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: November 6, 2013
As we mark down the last few days of PS3 dominance (well, in our minds anyway) before it is unceremoniously swept aside for a newer model (ok, the PS3 is staying hooked up here in the office simply for the DNLA if nothing else!) its nice to reflect on its tumultuous history.

There were certainly rough patches like launching a year after the 360 for a very high price point, the cursed 24-hour "leap year" issue in 2010 and the infamous hacking incident, but there were plenty of glory days too. PlayStation Plus is a revolution, the last few years have seen dozens of top-tier exclusive titles and cross-buy/cross-save/cross-play support with other Sony platforms has been exceptional.

Where once things seemed so dim they now seem like a distant memory. Sony announced today that over 80 million PS3's have been sold since the console debuted in 2006. That includes those gaudy new red and blue ones! When you think about it, that sure is a lot of consoles, right? And if the trend from last generation continues Sony will keep selling the PS3 for another 5 years. That means we will likely see over 100 million PS3's out in the wild by then end of its run.

Lest you worry that the era is closing all too soon, we can assure you that there are still a LOT of games in the works for the system and you'll see PS3 exclusives hitting shelves well into 2014. We're all for you running out and upgrading next week, but don't be too hasty in packing away the triple. We have a feeling you'll still find plenty of uses for it in the months to come. You and 80 million of your friends.