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Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

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Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Officially Announced

You really should still get a Vita though!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 24, 2013
At this point it's starting to be tough to keep track of all the Assassin's Creed games. Yes, Assassin's Creed IV is coming out in a scant few days, but it's by no means the fourth game in the series. It's the sixth in the "mainline" series, but there's been other versions on PSP, Vita, DS and mobile games as well.

Given all those games, there is a decent chance you never experienced Assassin's Creed Liberation HD before now. The original came out for the Vita at the same time as Assassin's Creed III and was largely overshadowed by its bigger brother. Set as a sidestory detailing the adventures of Aveline (the first female playable assassin!) in New Orleans and beyond. It was a fun little jaunt that featured more urban action than Connor experienced.

Ubisoft is making the game more accessible with this new release for PS3 (and maybe PS4?) that's coming early next year. Priced at a modest $19.99, not only will this version feature HD graphics, it will also have a remastered soundtrack and we might see enhanced controls (or at least reconfigured).

Those that purchase the season pass for AC4 will be entitled to download Liberation for $14.99 (a $5 savings) as part of the package. The season pass also includes a bonis single-player story, a ship pack and a whole slew of multiplayer stuff so it's probably a worthwhile investment for fans of the series. Stay tuned for more info!