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Ken Levine To Be Honored Yet Again

This time it is a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Joysticks
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 23, 2013
Nothing says you've made it in your chosen field more than a lifetime achievement award. Who wouldn't want to be honored with a lifetime "Rippie" for being the best usher any movie theater has ever seen? I'd put it right next to the "Phonie" I got for revolutionizing the field of help desk support with the invention of hands-free muting.

If you can lay claim being part of the driving force behind a pair of iconic games that came out fifteen years apart you've probably laid the groundwork for one of those awards. So it comes as no surprise that the Golden Joystick awards later this week are honoring Ken Levine. The talented Mr. Levine was influential in creating both 1999's System Shock 2 (still unrivaled for atmosphere) and 2013's Bioshock Infinite along with a whole host of other seminal titles (we love Freedom Force) during his distinguished career at Looking Glass and Irrational.

“From spaceships infected with extraterrestrial intelligence to the brutal politics of a city beyond the clouds, Ken Levine’s games transport players to new worlds that are as rich as they are dark." says Tim Clark, Group Senior Editor - Golden Joysticks and Future Games. "Best known for the critically-acclaimed BioShock series, his exploration of player choice and consequence, as well as his dizzying imaginative design work and storytelling, continues to be a huge influence on game makers around the world. As this year's BioShock Infinite proved, Levine is one of the most interesting creators working in games – and its fitting that he should be the inaugural winner of our Lifetime Achievement award.”

Good show Ken! The Golden Joysticks take place this Friday at the Westminster Park Plaza and they are pretty cool so you should check it out if you are in the area.