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Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Ultimate Edition Available Now

This is the best deal yet, Zach.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 18, 2013
We've ranted and raved plenty of times about how much we dig on Swery65's Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut in these very pages. For years we thought it would never see our shores on the PS3 but then one day we saw DP in our tea and our patience was rewarded.

Just the other day we fired the game up again, both in honor of the season (Deadly Premonition is a very good October game) and as an opportunity to check out the 3D on our new office Bravia TV. Guess what! The game is still fun, but it's jankier than ever in 3D.

If you haven't yet had the sublime experience of spending time with this game it just got easier than ever to go visit Greenvale. The brand new Ultimate edition is available now for a cool $30 on the PSN. You'll not only get the full game and the great feeling of having supported something that breaks out of the trappings of commercial game design, but you'll also get a nice package of bonuses for use in the game. Check out the list!

Espresso Suit - Tolerance to Hunger and Tiredness x3
Field-Ops Suit - Increase HP and Attack Power x3
High Roller Suit - Money Rewards x3
Happy Songkran Suit - Money Rewards x3
Special-Ops Suit - Increase HP and Attack Power x2 - Tolerance to Hunger and Tiredness x2 - Money Rewards x2
Catgirl Outfit - Character skin only
Friday Night Outfit - Character skin only
The Blue GT - Enhanced Handling
The Devil's Red - Increased max speed and faster acceleration
The Green Drifter - Expert car, drifting capabilities
Chibi Chibi Bang Bang - Vehicle skin only
Greenvale Real Estate - Take up roots, rest, and recover from the comfort of your new home in Greenvale!

In addition the Visual Companion is out on your favorite app store. The 350 page digital book is highly interactive and an integral part of understanding just what the hell is going on.