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How To Survive

Get Ready For How To Survive With This New Trailer

Better learn now before it's too late.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 15, 2013
Way back at E3 our very first visit was a little known game that piqued our interest. We've seen a lot of zombie games, but something about How to Survive jumped out at us. Our brief time checking it out made it seem a bit like Dead Rising crossed with Dead Island only with a downloadable title sensibility (so like a more complex Dead Nation).

Today 505 Games and Eko Software released a new trailer that is so scary, so intense and so NOT FOR KIDS that we can't even show it here. We CAN however link you to it and what you do from there is up to you.

What really caught out eye during E3 is some of what you can see in this trailer. "Survival" isn't job a throwaway term in this game, you actually have to take things like thirst, tiredness and hunger into account. If you don't forage enough during the day you might find yourself hung out to dry at night.

In that trailer you can also get a glimpse of the versatile crafting system that lets you build all manner of objects from scraps and then swap out parts and create all new inventions without having to scavenge all new parts. Did we mention there are skill trees too?

How to Survive hits the PSN next week and we'll definitely be taking a closer look at it after launch.