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First Batch of Dungeon Defenders DLC Finally Hits Europe

European account holders get it free due to protracted delay.
Author: Vincent Ingenito
Published: February 15, 2012
Better late than never.

After waiting nearly 4 months longer than every other territory, the good people of Europe will finally be able to partake of Mistymire Forest, the first of 4 planned DLC packs for last years spectacular Tower Defense/ARPG hybrid, Dungeon Defenders.

The download, which has been available in North America since December of last year, includes a new campaign map, a new PvP map and a slew of new weapons, pets, items and monsters. The icing on top is the Spider Queen, a new boss encounter at the end of the new campaign map. Aside from boss fights being a blast to play, they often net you a ton of sweet, phat lootz!

And what could be better than having more opportunities to farm for sick gear? How about getting said opportunity for free! That's right, since European players had to wait so long to join the party, Trendy is just going to give it away to them. Considering that Mistymire Forest is a completely optional bit of content for an already full featured game, I think that's quite a nice gesture that other developers could certainly learn from.

Regardless of what region you game from, if you haven't checked Dungeon Defenders out yet, go do so. It was one of last years most pleasant surprises and I still play it every week online with my friends back home. It's well worth the $14.99 asking price on the PSN.