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Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom Reveals the 10 Contestants For Their Street Fighter x Tekken Reality Show

Lines have been drawn and await crossing
Author: Vincent Ingenito
Published: February 15, 2012
After a long, entertaining audition period that saw brought us some of the most wonderfully wince worthy YouTube vids in recent memory, Capcom has chosen who will represent teams Street Fighter and Tekken in their upcoming reality competition show Cross Assault. The show, which will consist largely of live stream footage, will feature two opposing teams battling it out in the upcoming Capcom brawler Street Fighter X Tekken.

Each team will consist of five players and will be coached by an accomplished member of their respective fighting game communities. Team Street Fighter will be led by the legendary Alex "CaliPower" Valle who has successfully represented Southern California in fighting game tournaments around the globe, and Aris Bakhtanians of fame. The team rosters are as follows:

Team Street Fighter:

- Dr. Sub-Zero

- Sherryjenix

- TS NerdJosh

- Renic

- TFA Hornet

Team Tekken:

- Tasty Steve


- Super Yan



Those of you who follow the competitive fighting game scene (like me) may be surprised by how many lesser known, or outright unknown players were selected. All the same, with reputable community site IPLAYWINNER involved, I'm sure we will get a quality product that won't be short on drama, salt or hype. With 10 talented players trying to figure out a new game while vying for a cool $25, 000 bucks, I'm sure there will be no shortage of fireworks.

Cross Assault kicks off next week on February 22nd. You can get more in-depth information over at