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[PlayStation Store Update] September 6th

The string of quality updates continues with new demos, trailers and wallpapers.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: September 6, 2007
MotorStorm: Revenge Weekend Add-On Pack -- The Coyote Revenge track, plus four new vehicles and the assorted ticket races needed to unlock 'em are finally available. The add-on also includes the new Eliminator Mode. The cars can be purchased separately if you don't want to play through the new tickets.

Price: $5.99 - Add-On Pack | Wakazashi Razor Motorcycle, Wombat Mudslide ATV, Atlas Varjack Mudplugger and Atlas Arazona Big Rig - $.99 Each

Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Weapons Master Add-On -- Grab five new weapon-specific survival modes all in one pack. This is the first of three DLC add-ons for Sigma.
Price: $2.99

NBA Live 08 -- EA's roundball sim returns with a little peek at the game, which apparently runs at 60 frame a second (at times). Given that the game has been a PS3 showcase almost since the system was shown off, we're hoping it ends up being rather nice.

Stranglehold -- Finally! Though 360 owners have had the game for a while now, we PS3 owners have had to wait to get the demo -- and the full game, which hits along with the special Collector's Edition version that includes Hard-Boiled in HD on September 25th.

Heavenly Sword "Making Of" - Episode 5 -- The Making Of features come to an end here, completing a peek behind the scenes that has hopefully piqued your interest in one of the biggest games of the year for the PS3.

[i]Heavenly Sword Anime - Episode 5
-- The last of the anime mini-episodes, this one closes off the prequel tale that will begin with the game proper's release next week. Be sure to download 'em all to learn a little more about the back story.

Lair "World in Chaos" Video -- Learn more about the storyline and characters from the folks that made the now-infamous Lair, Factor 5.

[Game Trailers]
Turok -- The new "Quiet Kills" trailer lets you see just how lethally effective you can be in Propaganda Games' upcoming remake featuring space marines and dinosaurs (yes, it's as awesome as that combo sounds).

PixelJunk Racers -- Slot car racing and little mini-game-style challenges await in this racer specifically designed for HDTVs. Definitely cool stuff, but it's flown below most radars, so check out this video to get caught up to speed.

[Movie Trailers]
Drillbit Taylor and Resident Evil: Extinction

Heavenly Sword Wallpaper #5