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MotorStorm Patch #1

Players face a storm of changes in the first update for the series.
Author: Justin Wong
Published: May 17, 2007
It looks like the extra wait for Motorstorm that North American gamers had to endure is turning out to be a pretty sweet deal. SCEA announced today the release of a patch (made unlockable by a free key on the PlayStation Network Store) that introduces the new "Time Attack" mode, giving players a bit more to do in the MotorStorm universe which, fresh out of the box, has somewhat restricted gameplay options.

Available on June 7th, this new mode allows gamers to do more with their "ghost tracks", which are recordings that make it easier to see what went wrong (or, what didn't) in the quest for first place. Previously non-interactive, the inclusion of Time Attack allows players to race against their own ghost, or those of people from around the world, thanks to the online leaderboard made possible by the Playstation Network. Those who manage to overthrow the current champions will have their ghost tracks automatically uploaded to the leaderboard.

In addition to the exciting new gameplay enhancements, Sony has promised a multitude of fixes and modifications to give MotorStorm that extra bit of polish. In terms of functionality, there are quite a few improvements. It appears that this next update will make more information more readily available at a glance. The lobby will display more details than before, players will be able to identify the host of a game via a host icon, and game status will now be visible in the game list. The friends list has been expanded to a limit of 50 friends (as if you're that popular), and races will now start after a certain amount of time has passed, delayable by the host a maximum of 3 times. Additionally, the L1 button now toggles player name visibility during races.

In terms of fixes, some of them are more notable than others. An exploit involving the boost function has been removed, and your save game will no longer be corrupted if you quit with the PS button. Not everything is peachy, however: the rankings are being reset due to a bug. Other minor changes include the fixing of improperly displayed chat text, 5.1/7.1 surround sound issues, vehicle damage persisting from one race to the next, and buggy death camera audio. The online portion is more "stable", but it's not uncommon for companies to say this with every patch in an online game, so take that one with a grain of salt.

All in all, it's looking like a solid first patch for fans of the game.