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TikGames Preps Add-on Three-fer

Magic Ball, Mahjong Tales and Cubiod have more content coming.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: April 14, 2009
Magic Ball, Mahjong Tales and Cubiod have more content coming.

It's no secret that we've been pleasantly surprised by most of TikGames' efforts on the PlayStation Network. Both Cuboid and Magic Ball were surprisingly awesome puzzlers and Arkanoid re-skins, respectively, while the third game Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom... well, those first two games are awesome.

All three games are getting geared up to become even awesomer (shut up, we know it's not a real word) with the release of downloadable add-on Booster Packs starting this week. Though Magic Ball will be the only recipient at first, the remaining two titles will each have their own puzzles added to the mix "in the coming weeks" according to TikGames. Still, if they're going to start with just one, Magic Ball is arguably the best of the bunch to lead on (we're still trying to master the puzzles supplied with Cuboid when you first download it).

"We are thrilled with the response that our first three PlayStation Network titles have received from both the PlayStation community and the media, and we are excited about releasing these Booster Packs to add to the great gaming experiences that so many PSN players are already enjoying," gushed Vladimir Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat Studios, Inc. "We have listened to our gamers who have repeatedly asked for more levels, level editors and new trophies, and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver on so many of their requests."

They're not kidding. Though we might poo-poo Mahjong Tales, one of our biggest gripes, the controls, will be seriously squelched when the Booster Pack for it adds -- gasp -- mouse support, a level editor (which also includes the ability to upload created levels to share with other players), 25 new layouts for Infinity Mode and a set of new Trophies to go along with the content.

Magic Ball is also getting a handful of new Trophies to go along with its batch of 25 new levels (and a world to go along with 'em, so no more fantasy castles and pirates for you; it's witch time!) and custom soundtracks (though that's via a separate, free download rather than the paid DLC of the Booster Pack). Not a bad take, all told.

Perhaps the most exciting, though, is what will come with the Cuboid Booster Pack: 33 new levels, new Trophies to go along with 'em and the Cuboid Level Editor. Like the Mahjong Tales level creation suite, those that choose to dabble in creating their own brain-melting bits of block-flipping will be able to share with, download from and edit others' puzzles.

“Gamers are going to thoroughly enjoy the Cuboid Level Editor,” boasts Anatoly Tikhman, founder and CEO of TikGames. “With this new add-on, anyone can take on the role of game designer to create and share levels with the rest of the Cuboid online community. Gamers can choose to create simple yet entertaining levels, or try to build levels that will challenge even the most cunning Cuboid players.”

Moooooore duc-errr, Cuboid levels? Sign us up! No pricing has been revealed as of yet, but as soon as we know the final cost, we'll let you know.