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Madden Bowl XVIII Was Tebow Time

Skip Bayless is pleased.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: February 3, 2012
The Madden Bowl has become a bit of a tradition around this time of the year. Seeing pros go at it on the virtual gridiron is always entertaining and surprisingly it produces some great and memorable match-ups. This year it was the Madden “Clutch Team” featuring Drew Brees (quarterback, New Orleans Saints), Jimmy Graham (tight end, New Orleans Saints), and Tim Tebow (quarterback, Denver Broncos) against the 2012 NFL Draft eligible “Rookie Team” of Justin Blackmon (wide receiver, Oklahoma State University), Robert Griffin III (quarterback, Baylor University), and LaMichael James (running back, University of Oregon).

The pros rallied to a 16-13 victory to capture the Madden Bowl XVIII championship. Brees was under center while Tebow lined up as a wide receiver. Brees caught Tebow on a short touchdown pass with 10 seconds to go for the go ahead touchdown. The Rookie Team had just taken the lead a few plays prior with a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown.

“There’s just something about having him on your team,” said Brees of Tebow. “He’s just brings the magic. There’s no other way to explain it.”

As for the fumble that nearly cost his team the game, Brees admitted that he simply ‘pushed the wrong button at the wrong time.’

“I thought I called a run play, but it turned out to be a play action pass,” said Brees, whose team lost in the Madden Bowl XVII championship game one season ago in Dallas. “Luckily there was still enough time on the clock for us to drive down the field after they scored. Wow. What a fun and crazy game.”

You can get all the details on the party, including appearances by The Roots, Nas, and Snoop Dogg. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, and Heisman Trophy winners Mark Ingram (current New Orleans Saints running back, geez there were a lot of Saints there) and Eddie George were also present.

Pro Football Hall of Famers Barry Sanders and Deion Sanders, along with Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp also took part in the Madden Bowl tournament, along with running backs Arian Foster (Houston Texans) and Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars), and linebacker Patrick Willis (San Francisco 49ers). All were among the two teams that failed to reach the championship game.

The Madden 13 Cover Vote campaign was also revealed. It will start on March 7 and will have a two-week "play-in" round that pits two teammates against one another. The winners of these matchups will fill up the 32 player bracket. Players in the "play-in" round will be revealed all this month on the game's Facebook page.