LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Brickin' It Up Like A Padawan-Ass Gangsta

In An Expanded Universe Far Away, Traveler's Tales brings us another LEGO Star Wars game. Has the formula evolved?
Author: Tim Mack
Published: April 12, 2011
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[Editor's Note: Every now and then, we reach out to the community to see if they have anything to say about a franchise they feel passionate about. Tim is one of those people, and he is the only person we know that is an adult who enjoys LEGO games enough to pick a copy up every year, without fail.]

There are some in the TPS offices (Ryan) who claim that the LEGO games are for babies, but their significant others seem to enjoy them just fine. Iím not sure what that says about their relationships, but I can boldly state that I love baby games. I was hooked when the first LEGO Star Wars The Video Game came out in 2005. Ever since then, it is a sure bet that when Travelerís Tales comes out with a new LEGO game, I will play it.

Each iteration from Travelerís Tales has brought a quirky, pantomimed method of retelling of some of the classic stories of our time. While there will always be a volatile debate over how George Lucas has managed to destroy the magic of the Original Trilogy when he created the Prequels, Travelerís Tales manages to refine even the dullest of prequel moments into a fun and playable adventure.

When I heard that LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars was announced, I felt mildly excited. I say mildly excited because LEGO SW3 was going to focus solely on The Clone Wars. I was truly enjoying how they had moved beyond one brand and put their touch on Batman, Indiana Jones, and (especially) the Harry Potter franchises. I loved the original Gennedy Tartakovsky shorts but had a hard time getting into the CG created series. Now in itís third season, the CG Clone Wars has finally started to really get good. Because of this I was still optimistic that TT could put their own unique touch on a series that I was only mildly interested in and make a better game out of a story I wasnít interested in.

LEGO SW3 starts out where the best ILM CG pornography ever created makes Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, a ďmehĒ movie, into a fun popcorn flick, the arena battle. Immediately my initial mild excitement washed away as the game opened. The attention to detail with the arena battle was amazing. The textures and fidelity applied to the Acklay, Nexu and Reek were way above anything Iíd seen with any previous TT LEGO game. Once those creatures were dispatched the arena floor is flooded with hundreds of battle droids. Iíd never seen so much fun plastic chaos fill a LEGO game before. This is what I always imaged toy Star Wars battles were like when I was kid. Swarms of enemies, lightsabers flashing and clashing against blaster bolts, droids, and LEGO stud coins. Lots and lots of coins.
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