Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

There's A Mage Up Ahead, Turn Left!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a massive game, so prepare to call in sick.
Author: Kirsten Weaver
Published: February 15, 2012
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Besides the plants there are hidden objects like treasure chests and doors. For the most part these chests blend into the environment as hollowed out fallen trees, rocks and whirlpools. The doors are a little bit harder to find, and after leveling up skills in detect hidden these can come available to the player on the map. Surprisingly, there are a lot of good items that can come from these chests and even the items that arenít great can be sold for money. It just makes me wonder how many times NPCs can misplace their items in logs and whirlpools; itís comforting to know Iím not the only person out there that misplaces items like itís my job.

When it comes down to the bare bones of the game there are three major classes: mage, warrior and rogue. My personal favorite is usually stealth characters like rogues and next in line would have to be mages because letís admit itís a lot easier to stand at a distance throwing spells then have to dodge or block attacks. After insistent pestering from one of our staff members I went with a warrior, I needed a challenge and some peace and quiet. I have some regrets with allowing them to create the character because every cut scene and interaction with NPCs I get to stare at my character that looks eerily similar to Hulk Hogan. Apparently, they know my strong distaste for handlebar mustaches, overly paid wrestlers and spray tans.

There are different abilities that can be chosen to define what play style youíre going for. There is Might, Finesse and Sorcery, which correlate to their respective classes. Throughout each is an ability tree, which players can select which attributes they like most in each class. This ties in with Destinies, which can be chosen to add on nice bonuses without the constraints of one specific class. The nice part is if youíre a spell slinging mage and want to tote around a hammer, then all it takes is flipping over to Might and selecting the attribute for using hammers then selecting Fighter-Mage for some extra bonuses.

Weapons in the world are color coded like WoW; purple for rare items and white for average, nothing special, weapons. There are a myriad of things to do with weapons and armor. Scattered around the map in enemies and chests are gems that can be collected to increase armor and weapon stats. Just be aware that armor and weapons cannot be forged with gems without empty sockets to place the gems into. Fragments of gems can be collected to make a full gem and different gem fragments can be placed together to get different status effects. When going through armor it is beneficial to keep an eye out for sets, as they add some really nice bonuses depending on if they match up with the fight style you have chosen for your character.

The one real bone I have to pick with Reckoning has to do mainly with choice of enemies. Grey named enemies are a cake walk for the most part but when it comes to most difficult characters whose names are in orange there is one of two possibilities: one is they are really easy and the other is they are going to send you home crying. There is a large gap in difficulty when it comes to enemies and although I'd like to take comfort in the fact that all enemies are easy to differentiate, I would be lying. Enemies with just one clothing accessory different from what I just fought can be ten times more difficult and way more frustrating.

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