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Namco Bandai Announces June 5th Release Date for Inversion

Inverted, that is May 6th!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: March 5, 2012
You may have noticed that Inversion didn't come out a month ago like it was supposed to. Or maybe you didn't notice since the game has made such a small amount of noise in the game-verse. Either way, we've now got a new, assuredly solid updated date of June 5th of this year, so get ready to get Inverted!

Saber Interactive has offered up the slightly worrying statement that this added development time has afforded them the time to make Inversion an enjoyable and engaging third-person shooter. Thank god for those extra 4 months, because the last thing we want out of games are for them to be not enjoyable and not engaging.

To fill you in on the little we know, Saber Interactive (the guys behind Serious Sam knock-off Will Rock) has crafted a game that turns gravity upside down, and will feature not only destructible environments and cover-based gameplay, but also let you grab enemies and use them projectiles! Sure sounds pretty crazy...

Inversion will feature a full campaign, competitive multiplayer (it promises to be "robust") and so for of cooperative gameplay. Details are very sparse right now, but our crack team is working to unearth more info as you read this so expect to hear more soon.

Those that want to know more about the Inversion world can get a head start by grabbing The Inversion Project on your favorite iOS or Android device later this year (presumably before June 5th).