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Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear

Thrilling Action Shooter Heavy Fire: Shattered Soldier On Sale

50% off is like half-price! What a deal!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: January 24, 2014
OK, we've got a really embarrassing story to relate here. When this story first came across our desk, we were like "Whoa, Heavy Fire is 50% off, that's amazing!" and then a moment later we all looked at each other and said "Heavy Fire?" and stared blankly.

Realizing we didn't know what it was even after looking at some screenshots, we dashed an email off to developer Mastiff asking for more information. Imagine how silly we felt when we turned on the office PS3 and checked the store and found out that game is almost a year old! And it's a sequel to another PSN game! Consider our faces egged.

Now that we've gotten a look at it a little closer, we're shocked we didn't already know about this title. It looks like a modern take on Ghost Squad as it's an on-rails shooter that moves you through some intense military situations relying on quick shooting. It even appears their game supports the Move controller (dust it off boys!) for real shooting action.

Not only that, this is a FOUR-player co-op experience if you are into that things. You and three pals can tackle 24 missions that have you shooting carbines, sniper rifles, tanks and even a C-130!

Maybe we hadn't heard of this game before today but that doesn't mean we won't thrown down the $10 to check it out while it's on sale.