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Who doesn't want the ultimate God Of War Collection?

Kratos just evoked an ear shattering chorus of girlish screams from most of our very masculine editors ok, all of them.
Author: Parjanya C. Holtz
Published: August 31, 2009
Holy mother and father in heaven. FUCK YES! The fanboy in me just overtook my body's control. After having managed to command myself to stop screaming in an unnaturally high pitched tone alongside a couple of the other TPS staff, I finally made it to my desk and this is where I am writing from now to deliver the most amazing announcement in a long time: God Of War and God Of War II (without a doubt last generation's two best titles) are coming to PlayStation 3 this holiday season packed on a single Blu-Ray disc. But that is not all; both masterpieces will run in 720p on any PS3 (just like any normal PS3 disc-based game!) and (hold on tight now) they will feature regular PSN trophies! Yes you read that one right; TROPHIES!!!

"We are excited today to announce the God Of War Collection," beamed Scott Rohde, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios America. "Our fans spoke and we listened; thanks to our partnership with Bluepoint Games, fans and newcomers to the series can experience the epic God of War and God of War II saga in stunning 720p on PS3. This Blu-ray Disc compilation brings Kratos to PS3 even earlier than expected."

The God Of War Collection will be available for $39.99 in the US and we promise it'll blow your mind into gaming nirvana. And no, we don't have a contract with Sony, we're just a bunch of super nerdy fanboys. And in case you have been living behind the moon, check out our awesome review of God Of War II.