FIFA Street

Ginga Spins and Rainbow Swirls

FIFA Street taught us that sometimes being a bit of a glory hog can be a good thing.
Author: TPS Staff
Published: April 24, 2012
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There are some games that are just best played with others. Yeah, sure, you can get your money's worth and not feel cheated from playing against the computer. However, it's always in the back of your head that you should have a human opponent or ally, and that the game could be taken from "I guess it wasn't a waste of money" to "Holy crap this is awesome." That's exactly what happened to Aram and I with FIFA Street. With the two of us sports junkies it was only fair that we gave the game a dual review, thanks to the fine folks over at EA.

Scott Rodgers, Managing Editor: Do you have any experiences with the Street games? Personally I loved NBA Street and its successor, but those were the only ones I played. To be honest I can't really explain why that is or how that happened but I've never played any of the NFL Street games nor the original FIFA Street. I'm also not the biggest soccer fan in the world, though I found FIFA Soccer 12 to be a pleasant experience. Still, a game that has Leo Messi's blessing can't fail, right?

I don't know what to make of FIFA Street right now. The game and I seem to have a love/hate relationship. At first I really thought the game was confused about what it wanted to be. It uses the FIFA 12 engine with a little more flair thrown in. That's almost like using the Madden engine to create a NFL Blitz game. It shouldn't make sense, and at first it didn't, yet somehow after enough time it clicked.

It doesn't help that the game has a lot of terms I would have to look up to understand. I thought a panna was a delicious pressed sandwich, yet apparently, it's kicking the ball through a defender's legs and making them look silly.

Aram Lecis, Senior Editor: Awww you made the panini joke before I could! I actually wonder if panna isn't some derivative of "panache", but enough of the etymology lesson. Most of my experience in the "Street" sub-franchise has been with the NBA games, which I always had fun with. I may have played NFL Street, but if I did it left no lasting impression. It's funny that you mention making Blitz with the Madden engine, because that's precisely what Madden NFL Arcade is, and it stinks!

However, I found FIFA Street to be a whole lot better. At first I was like you and I didn't think much of the gameplay, but once I figured out the obtuse control scheme, it got a lot more fun. I'm a bit on the impatient side, so "classic" footie is a bit slow-paced for me, but FIFA Street flowed much faster and had way more offense going on. Playing it felt a lot like playing a classic EA hockey game, so it brought me back to days in the college dorm playing NHL 93 on the Genesis. Good times!
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