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[E3 2011] EA Sports Football Club Coming to FIFA Soccer 12

Now I just have to figure out which team to bandwagon.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: June 7, 2011
Look, I've never claimed to be a soccer expert. Around here that default title goes to our resident Europeans. However, much like Lil Wayne I can't help but enjoy the FIFA series, even if it's a sport I don't really pay attention to. Much like fantasy sports allow me to pay attention to players and teams that I would not otherwise care about, FIFA opens up the door to an entire sport and that's why I am excited for FIFA Soccer 12.

Yesterday at the EA Conference the news was dropped about EA Sports Football Club. This feature will connect players with fresh, new content, give fans a chance to relive real world events, and most importantly, just give everyone an outlet to support their team. One example that we saw yesterday showed how you could avenge real life losses, and by doing so not only would you gain experience but your favorite team would, too. This is possible through the new Support Your Club feature, which is reset every week and updated with unique challenges.

“The millions of fans playing FIFA online have shown us there is a constant appetite for a deep connected experience, driven by a love of the sport,” said Matt Bilbey, Vice President and General Manager of Soccer for the FIFA Soccer franchise. “EA Sports Football Club is a new social experience that brings the world’s soccer fans together, engaging and entertaining them in new ways that have never been done before in a sports game.”

Of course, you can also track and compete against friends, both in the game and by lauding your accomplishments on Facebook and other social channels. There will be no charge for this feature and I can say that we all have something to look forward to this fall. Even if you can't tell the difference between a Wayne Rooney and a yellow card, you can join in and have some fun competing. Who knows, you may even play against Chad Ochocinco, Kaka, or Drake.