[Podcast] TPS Report #5 with Jeremy Dunham and Chris Roper

If YOU feel violated after this episode, just think of how the writers behind "The Jackal" feel. Answer: They feel nothing.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: August 1, 2011
The day before I left for L.A., I knew what I had to do. I needed to pack, and I had the whole day to do it. Funny how that never works out for me and I end up packing all night. That early flight didn't help, either.

At least I got to meet those idiots from LMFAO.

But with what little energy I had left in me after that day-and-a-half and an In-n-Out burger in my stomach [Editor's note: bad move], Sam and I were able to find a nice spot far away from Jane's Addiction to chat some more... on a Zoom recorder... because we can.

And after much extra planning this time around, Chris Roper and Jeremy Dunham joined us to talk about gaming. Well, not really so much gaming as it was just running head first into topic walls with our heat-stroked bodies and boozed-up minds.

Chris and Jeremy formerly worked over at IGN.com, but since left to work over at Zipper Interactive as community managers. There, they host the very enjoyable Zipline Podcast which features many project members from games like MAG and SOCOM 4. Of course, if you want to jump into the way-back machine, you can hunt down some old IGN podcasts of them, particularly Sony-centric "Podcast Beyond" where they each held (at different points) the responsibility of host.

Without further rambling, please enjoy the TPS Report #5 with Jeremy Dunham and Chris Roper.

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