[Podcast] TPS Report #4 The Lost E3 2011 Episode

Take a trip back to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo as we talk to some developers about their next game.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: July 25, 2011
What do you get when you combine recorded audio, a computer, and a high-powered magnet? A TotalPlayStation podcast.

Actually, what you get it a major delay of a podcast I was working on a month ago. But never fear, Timmy, for your podcast is here. Well, sorta-enough here for it to matter.

This week, we take you back to the fabled E3 2011 where Ryan Green and Sam Bishop did a lot of walking to covered the press show for the site. During that time, they used some new audio equipment which didn't exactly work out as expected. But what they did get out of it were a bunch of recorded impressions and a few developer interviews. And really, that is what you want out of a podcast, right? Right?

Interested in hearing more about Hitman: Absolution, Tekken, and Dark Souls? Of course you don't! Sure, it is there, but you really want to hear about how tired we were. Yup, you get both for free. That is, like, a numeral value of some sort!

Yesh. Well, until we meet again, please enjoy the TPS Report #4 with usable E3 audio!

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