[Podcast] TPS Report #3 with Mel Kirk [Updated]

Back from the dead (and by a smattering of requests), we bring you yet another podcast. This installment: Mel Kirk from ZEN Studios!
Author: Ryan Green
Published: June 26, 2011
In honor of the TPS Report coming back, we wanted to reward you for listening. Tell us on Twitter what your favorite part of the interview with Mel Kirk was and you'll have a chance to win a copy of Marvel Pinball (PS3) and the brand new Captain America table. From our reviews of both the main game and the DLC, you should realize how awesome they are.

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The winner will be chosen at random on June 30th at 7pm Eastern. The codes are compatible with the US PlayStation Store, but as long as you have an account from the region, you can download it and use it on your silly, foreign account.


Who would have thought it would EVER happen again? Another podcast from TotalPlayStation dot com seems like an inane endeavor that is needless, senseless, and poorly produced.

Well guess what, Aram Lecis, you are WRONG about two of those. Truly, the poorly produced part is there. It is large and perhaps even in charge. I've learned nothing about recording equipment. Really, how do you record in measures and not time? Who does that?

Apple does.

So at this early juncture, I'd like to again stress that 1) I have no idea what I am doing (in general) and 2) this podcast stopped recording twice. Also, there was this humming sound... from the AC... listen, I went through hell trying to fix this podcast for our guest and pal, Mel Kirk, and you better freakin' listen to it AND enjoy it!


I'm being told now that I should not threaten you. I won't anymore today.

Mel Kirk is a man of many hats, and we can't help but like him for that. He is a very busy man involved in many different things, and one of those things is public relations for ZEN Studios. As a Hungarian-based developer, they needed a voice over in the United States that could help promote their works. ZEN is best known for their pinball franchises on XBL and the PlayStation Network. So if you've ever picked up Marvel Pinball or Zen Pinball, you have them to thank.

But we didn't hunt down Mel in the uncomfortable heat of Los Angeles just to talk about pinball, or marketing. Sam and I had a mission from the beginning: We wanted to just talk and let the conversation flow, freeform. How freakin' Zen is that?

Please enjoy the TPS Report #3 with Mel Kirk.

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