TotalRoundTable: The Generation after That

Peering into the depths of (next year’s?) Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 from a development perspective.
Author: Marc N. Kleinhenz
Published: March 30, 2011
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Welcome to a smaller, more intimate round table, fit for a smaller, more intimate conversation. Sir Gordon Wheelmeier, unfortunately for us but incredibly fortunate for him and his family, is out of the office to look after newly-born Gordon, Jr. (who will soon, no doubt, add a prestigious prefix of his very own to his name), and Shaun Mason has accepted a beyond-top-secret assignment from the Culper Ring, which probably has something to do with rescuing stranded Blu-rays from production facilities all throughout Kanto-chiho. The best of luck to the both of them!

Who we do have are none other than Sam Bishop, TotalPlayStation’s illustrious founder, and Marc Kleinhenz, its somewhat less-transmundane features editor. And we are absolutely honored to have our very first guest from the development world, Thomas Grip from Frictional Games, one of the smallest but also one of the most critically acclaimed – and the most indie of indie – studios currently plugging away in the industry.

Their discussion? Why, the next generation of the next generation of gaming, of course, replete with predictions, technical mumbo-jumbo, and one of the most epic speeches Sammy Bishop has ever proffered, slurred or not.

Marc N. Kleinhenz, features editor:

Epic has shown off its latest Unreal Engine, heralding the shape of the next next generation. So... what's the verdict? Is it powerful enough tech for the likes of the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 4? Is it not robust – or different – enough?

And, perhaps most importantly of all, what should be concentrated on for the 512-bit systems?

Sam Bishop, editor-in-chief:

First, let's just nip this idea of "-bit" as an indicator of a description of hardware in the bud. So many more factors enter into the whole idea of power now that this won't work.

That said, what Epic showed off was something on four GPUs. Do I think it will represent the next generation? Yuuuuuuuup! Do I think it's indicative of what we'll see next gen in terms of look and feel? Noooooo, not for a second. I think lighting will be bigger, and the Sony version of MLAA will win.

But this is why having a dev perspective will likely prove me wrong.
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