[Blog] PlayStation Post-script: GDC 2011

Author: Marc N. Kleinhenz
Published: March 30, 2011

Game Developers’ Conference. San Francisco, 2011. Infamous 2 got a mission creator, Resistance 3 got some tender love and attention, and… wait, that’s it? (Well, the 3DS got some Netflix support as well as a new Super Mario Bros. entry, but that’s not entirely appropriate for a PS-specific site, is it?)

Does it matter that GDC severely underperformed in the E3-esque blitzkrieg of shocking revelations and gala she-bangs – if, indeed, it should be “performing” at all? Just what is this conference thang all about, anyway? And should gamers (and journos!) readjust their perceptions of and interactions with it?

We discuss all this – and mock Shenmue IIIhere.