[Interview] Five: Year One Breakdown

The many answers of Five questions – continuing “The Five Days of Five” with a little statistical analysis.
Author: Marc N. Kleinhenz
Published: February 28, 2011

TotalPlayStation's Five interview series takes the brightest minds from the journalistic and game development worlds and asks them to expound on their personal benchmarks of the videogame industry, exploring the crucial components of narrative, music, gameplay, graphics, and character.

Out of a total of 70 questions (60 standard Five questions, plus the ten “bonus” ones), five games were selected heads and shoulders above all others as the standard bearer for one particular facet or another of game design. (A bit of clarification: if more than one answer was proffered, the first selection – and the first selection only – was officially entered into the tabulations. Sorry, cheaters.)

In ascending order, here, then, are the top five games as cited by Five’s panel of experts:

Nominated by: Crispin Boyer, Paul Semel, Doug Perry
Categories selected: Plot point/character beat/story twist

Nominated by: Rus McLaughlin, Crispin Boyer, Sam Bishop
Categories selected: Character, gameplay mechanic

Nominated by: Micah Seff, Brian Altano
Categories selected: Plot point/character beat/story twist, song and/or soundtrack, favorite gaming experience

[Metal Gear Solid series]
Nominated by: Andre Segers, Paul Semel, Javi Rodriguez
Categories selected: Plot point/character beat/story twist, gameplay mechanic, graphical effect, favorite gaming experience

[Super Mario Bros series]
Nominated by: Chris Roper, Andre Segers, Javi Rodriguez, Brian Altano
Categories selected: Character, gameplay mechanic, favorite gaming experience

Just as in music, there were, of course, a number of one-hit wonders that made our charts, from classics (Chris Dahlen’s and Brian Altano’s nominations of Tetris and Pac-Man, respectively) to mainstream hits (Assassin’s Creed [Rus McLaughlin], Resident Evil [Micah Seff], and Doom [Chris Roper]) to “underground” heavy-hitters (Jet Grind Radio, recommended by Crispin Boyer, and Brutal Legend, offered by Doug Perry) to the downright inexplicable (only Sam Bishop could name the NES legend Duck Tales).

Whether a one-time or top five nominee, we salute you.

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