[Blog] Soapbox Alley (February ’11)

RIP Guitar Hero – and what the hell is wrong with Visceral Games?
Author: Marc N. Kleinhenz
Published: February 19, 2011

The oft-overlooked TotalPlayStation Blog has, of late, been a treasure trove of editorials and features penned by both site editors and special guest stars, such as Bitmob’s Rus McLaughlin and Podcast Beyond’s Jeff Haynes. This month features the triple line-up of analyzing Sony’s recent (and successful) about-face; the legendary role of marketing in a studio’s legacy; and reminiscing about one of the biggest and most influential brands in all of videogamedom.

Turning the Tide” – What if Sony could win the console wars not by packing their systems full of technology (sorry, Tony Hawk), but by stuffing their (third-party) titles with incentives, one piece of exclusive content at a time?

From Rocky to Cocky: The Legend of Visceral Games” – Are times so tough, and Electronic Arts so desperate, that its flagship developer has to substitute marketing with manufactured controversy? From Dead Space to The Godfather II to Dante’s Inferno to the recently released Dead Space 2, a history of the transparently pathetic.

Guitar Hero: 2005-2011” – An eulogy for a good and faithful companion across the past generation-and-a-half of gaming, summarizing its life and sermonizing its death. Oh, how we will miss you, Johnny Napalm and Hammer-ons!