[Blog] Soapbox Alley (January ’11)

Lambasting Sony and taking on dudes with beards in videogames
Author: Marc N. Kleinhenz
Published: January 22, 2011

The oft-overlooked TotalPlayStation Blog has, of late, been a treasure trove of editorials and features penned by both site editors and special guest stars, such as Bitmob’s Rus McLaughlin and Podcast Beyond’s Jeff Haynes. This month features a small but rough-and-tumble collection of pieces revaluating Sony’s present and future position in the industry and analyzing how the confluence of gender and marketing impacts our gaming experiences.

Losing the Battle – and the War” – So Sony has the best game lineup this year. So what? The company is still in dead-last place and will continue to be so by year’s end, as well (here in America, at least). It’s nice that the smallest slice of the gaming population will able to play all those games, though.

Dudes with Beards: Portrayal of Masculinity in Videogames” – Contemplating the role of focus testing in game development and the evolving nature of game box covers. What will Call of Duty 26 look like – and how will it relate to its intended audience?