TotalRoundTable: Resisting the Uncharted Waters of Insane and Deadly Descents

Heading for the hills in the fallout from the Spike Videogame Awards “megatons.”
Author: Marc N. Kleinhenz
Published: December 13, 2010
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Like a few bombshells with your dinner and awards show, would you?

Well, you might not have gotten your appetite’s fill – some of the TPS staff certainly didn’t, especially when compared to the rumors and insinuations leading up to the weekend event. Then again, there was a potent amount of fallout to produce just enough shock and awe in all of us: Mass Effect 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Prototype 2, and, of course, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception were all officially unveiled both during and after the big event.

Our group hug at the mighty round table started in the days leading up to the December 11th awards show and went late into the night on Sunday, the 12th – a marathon session, and our longest roundtable yet. Sitting in on the too-long-and-too-close-for-comfort deliberations were Marc Kleinhenz, Sir Gordon Wheelmeier, former-mascot-turned-master-debater Shaun Mason, and one Sam – holy shit, he lives! – Bishop. Straddling the guest chair of honor is Dan Hemsath, a good friend and former game retail comrade of Marc’s who also just so happens to double as a freelancer for both TotalPlayStation and

Marc N. Kleinhenz, features editor:

Sony has cordially invited us – well, not necessarily us – to participate in a big “reveal” on Sunday, December 12, the day after the Spike VGAs, which is sure to have its own slew of announcements and headlines. Any guesses/hypotheses/predictions as to what this could be?

Daniel Hemsath, slave of the videogame machine:

I'm interested in seeing if anything will be an original property or if it will be more sequels. I suppose it would be strange to debut something with little-to-no previous fan recognition as an announcement, but it would be refreshing.

Still, PSP2 (or some type of Sony mobile gaming/communications device) would be what I would guess.

I would love to see Mubi hit the States on PS3, but that doesn't strike me as necessarily “announcement-worthy.”

Sir Gordon Wheelmeier, gaming guru:

I have a tiny, tiny feeling that Gears of War will be announced for PS3, but we'll see...
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